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  • I needed to order more rebar plus wire ties for the upcoming pool job

    My wife plus I own a supplier that installs swimming pools, then the several of us install a number of odd pools including in-ground & above ground features! The several of us also install spas, waterfalls, plus other outdoor water features. The last 6 weeks have been genuinely scheduled due to attractive weather plus small […]

  • I almost tripped over the wire tie

    As an ironworker, I am frequently in situations where I have to be sturdy plus steady on our feet. I don’t mind working many stories above the ground, even when there genuinely isn’tanything under our feet. I always stay focused when I am at work plus I try to keep our eyeah open at all […]

  • I found extra supplies on sale at the flea market

    I saw several boxes of 16 gauge galvanized double loop wire ties I rarely go to the flea market with our wife, then most of the time I am scheduled with jobs on the weekend days when our wife wants to go shopping! She usually takes her sibling. They have lunch after they go shopping […]

  • It was chilly last night in the packaging plant

    My dad got myself and others a job working at a packaging plant. I was previously working at a gas station. I did not mind working at the gas station, however that job at the packaging plant was much higher pain. I had to work genuinely tough to receive $12 an hour, which was the […]