There are unique uses for various kinds of rebar tie wire

I wanted to be a visual artist so much that I was in the art program in my university for two years before I switched my major to economics.

I love sculpting, especially with unique mediums like cardboard and plastic waste.

Before leaving the art program, I managed to submit a piece that won me an award and got my sculpture featured in one of the academic builds behind a glass case. This is a major source of pride for me then as much as it is now in retrospect. It’s a sculpture that I forged and welded out of rebar tie wire. But before I learned how to sculpt with a torch and coils of rebar wire, I was working with cardboard and wood. My goal was to sculpt with possibly anything but clay, perhaps in an attempt to challenge myself. This is what eventually led me to picking up the welding equipment for the first time. My art teacher was excited to see me so motivated to learn and encouraged me to visit the art studio outside of class time to utilize the welding torch and the varying coils of rebar tie wire laying around ready to be bent, heated, and welded into various angles. It’s fun making dodecahedrons and other strange geometrical shapes out of rebar tie wire after getting extremely proficient with measurements with wood construction projects. While I am not cut out for being a professional visual artist and attempting to pay my bills with my creations, it’s a fun hobby to do on the side. Now I have my own welding equipment in my garage and plenty of black bar rebar tie wire to use for crazy sculptures.

Bar wire certified domestic