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  • Trying to get rid of all my Jax rentals for cash

    After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad I had it in my head that I wanted to be a real estate guy. I started looking around my area of Jacksonville, Florida for real estate. I bought all sorts of properties. I found single family homes, duplexes, multiple family homes, apartment buildings, you name it. I figured […]

  • Glad I got out of the rental home game fast

    After learning the books Rich Dad, Poor Dad as well as Millionaire Next Door, I was convinced that I needed to own rental properties in order to be rich. It was a smart investment move. For the most part, I agree with rentals as well as diversifying your wealth. However, being a landlord isn’t meant […]

  • Selling a home with frightening neighbors

    I bought a gorgeous home plus a plot of land in Proland, OR. For about a year I enjoyed my condo plus didn’t regret spending all that cash. Then the area started going downhill. They drove broken down cars, yelled at each other in the middle of the night, plus had cats running all over […]

  • Selling divorce house for cash to make things go quicker

    I then sent the price to my ex, she said yes plus the condo was gone. I recently went through a divorce. My ex-partner had a nightmare about everything. The curtains, couch, plates, cars, you name it! Everything was a big deal that my friend and I had to decide between our lawyers. I just […]