They sent the wrong size rebar for the job

The busiest time of the year for myself and others is while in the Spring when a lot of people are thinking about the Summer weather.

The tepid Summer weather makes people want to go swimming.

I own a company that installs swimming pools plus spas. Spring is the busiest time of the year for me. When the ground is starting to hot up, it is the perfect time to guess about installing an in-ground pool, spa or tepid tub. I had 3 jobs busy Last month plus I had to be a crew member on one of those jobs. It was only by circumstance that I happened to be there while in the day when the concern arrived. The truck with all of the rebar supplies arrived at the residence. The rebar plus rebar tie wire were both the wrong size plus the wrong item. I couldn’t think that the company sent the wrong rebar plus rebar tie wire products. That was the first plus only time the company has ever made a mistake enjoy that. Of course I had to explain the concern to the customer. She did not care that it was the first time that it ever happened to me, because it was the only time it ever happened to her. She wanted myself and others to credit her money on her quote for the final fees for the job because I had to wait an extra day. I actually thought the lady was being unsatisfactory, but I did not want her to leave myself and others a bad review just because of the two-day delay.

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