Trying to get rid of all my Jax rentals for cash

After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad I had it in my head that I wanted to be a real estate guy.

  • I started looking around my area of Jacksonville, Florida for real estate.

I bought all sorts of properties. I found single family homes, duplexes, multiple family homes, apartment buildings, you name it. I figured I was going to make so much money. In the end I realized you can’t really make anything from rentals. Your net worth might be high, but you are cash poor. There are also a lot of demands made on you from the tenants. I am always being called to fix floors, washing machines, or plunge a toilet. That is enough of that. Hiring a property manager would already take the miniscule profits that I make. So what I am going to do is sell my rental properties in Jax, FL. At first I thought a real estate agent would get me a lot of money for them. Well the woman was awful. She never shopped out my places or got anyone interested. I wasn’t excited by the idea that every property would be on the market for m months. I also might have to make renovations or stage the places. Nope. I am done with those units. So what I am looking for is people in Jax that say we buy homes fast for cash. I did find a Flirda real estate buyer that does cash offers. I have been talking to him. I am hopeful that I can get a big pay out to remove all my properties.



sell house to avoid bankruptcy