Selling divorce house for cash to make things go quicker

I then sent the price to my ex, she said yes plus the condo was gone.

I recently went through a divorce. My ex-partner had a nightmare about everything. The curtains, couch, plates, cars, you name it! Everything was a big deal that my friend and I had to decide between our lawyers. I just wanted to get out as painless as possible. I didn’t want to spend money on my lawyer for another afternoon of work just because she liked to talk. It was hard trying to streamline the process. Thankfully I came up with a good idea when it came to selling our home. Rather than contacting a real estate agent plus going through her, my friend and I just did a cash house offer. With an agent it would have been two of us coordinating plus saying yes to the seller. My associate and I also would have to agree on price, closing costs, renovations, the whole nine yards. With a cash house buyer in Portland, all my friend and I needed to do was pick a price plus say yes. I googled plus my friend and I bought houses in Portland, OR. Cash for homes in Portland. I also looked at selling homes in OR for cash. I found a good OR real estate cash buyer. The guy was easily upfront about how much he was willing to pay. I then sent the price to my ex, she said yes plus the condo was gone. The cash was split 50/50 plus one thing was left off the list to discuss. I wish my friend and I could have sold everything for cash plus gotten out that much quicker. Selling a divorce house for cash is the way to go in my opinion. Keep everything fast, straight-forward, plus easy when you are doing a split.

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