Selling a home with frightening neighbors

I bought a gorgeous home plus a plot of land in Proland, OR.

For about a year I enjoyed my condo plus didn’t regret spending all that cash.

Then the area started going downhill. They drove broken down cars, yelled at each other in the middle of the night, plus had cats running all over the venue. My gorgeous area abruptly turned frightening. I was really uneasy about going to my vehicle late at night for work. I invested in a security system plus I was still afraid. I realized that I needed to sell my home. I no longer belonged in the area. Well nobody would take my condo for what it was worth due to the neighbors. I tried listing it plus I didn’t like what I got back. So I ended up going the cash for house route. I found an OR real estate buyer that does all cash offers. I did take a spending cut but it was better than listing. No real estate agent fees or closing costs. I also got out of a sticky situation ASAP. I really started to get scared plus didn’t want to be in my venue for another month. The benefit of cash offers is that it is a price, you sign, plus then that is it. I was really relieved to leave with cash on hand plus my condo gone. I have since used that cash for a peculiar venue in OR plus I am so much happier. It was a good movie to leave.
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