Flipping a house in Jacksonville

My sibling & I decided to begin a side-business of buying & flipping houses in Jacksonville.

The real estate market in the area is seriously lucrative & dynamic… Property values continue to soar.

My pal and I toured various homes on the market, searching for one in an enjoyable location with potential for improvement, however it took us various months to find an older home with a solid foundation & a view of the river. The roof, Heating & A/C, electrical lines & plumbing were all in enjoyable enough condition to meet code requirements. The house simply needed modernizing. The layout, decor & appliances were all undoubtedly aged. My sibling & I made a plan to resizable the master lavatory, renovate the family lavatory & open up the living room/living room area. My pal and I wanted to add a half-bath with access to the swimming pool in the backyard, and new light fixtures, a coat of paint inside & out & landscaping were some of the necessary projects. My sibling & I were determined to handle the toil ourselves, at that point, my enjoyable friend and I had undoubtedly little knowledge of construction work. My pal and I invested into top-notch tools & watched lots of Youtube tutorials. My pal and I also learned as my enjoyable friend and I tackled the various projects. Everything cost a lot more than expected & took longer than anticipated… By the time my enjoyable friend and I finished the renovations, my enjoyable friend and I were worried about listing the house & getting out from under it. The Jacksonville market was no longer as stable, & my enjoyable friend and I were worried about making a profit. While my enjoyable friend and I managed to sell the dwelling for a price that more than reuseed the investment, the whole process was difficult.

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