I needed to sell the property fast or face foreclosure

Foreclosure can happen undoubtedly quickly when you can’t afford to pay your mortgage or insurance.

  • When my wife lost her job at the factory, she stopped paying support for me plus the adolescents.

I was using the support money to pay the property payment. After 2 months, there was no end in sight. I knew it was necessary to consider all possibilities plus options. My Dad gave to let the adolescents plus I transfer in with her so I could sell the property plus get rid of the lavish payment. I did not want the property to get foreclosed, so I spoke with a supplier in Jacksonville that offers money for homes. The Jacksonville real estate supplier gave me a buy out that included paying all of the back fees. My wife didn’t want me to sell the property in Jacksonville, even though she could not come up with any other plan to keep it. When I sold the property, I got $10,000 more than I owed to the bank. I was glad to have any money at all. My wife wanted half of the money from the sale of the house, but I did not offer him any of the settlement. It was her fault that that property had to be sold plus I wasn’t going to reward him for not paying her support plus losing her job. My associate and I are glad to be residing with my Dad plus it’s nice for her to see more of the grand adolescents. Unluckily, the two hour transfer north makes it harder for my wife to see the adolescents plus they miss their Dad.

sell property with low home equity