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  • Galvanized rebar tie wire has a zinc coating

    There are different kinds of metal to use for different applications, whether you’re making jewelry or building large structures of various kinds. The cheapest jewelry that you find in vending machines and the like is just made out of cheap steel and it easily rusts and corrodes when exposed to moisture. While it is more […]

  • My employer is behind on projects because of the disruption in supply lines on rebar

    During the pandemic I briefly lost my job and was dealing with an extraordinary amount of economic and financial uncertainty. While I luckily own my house outright and merely got behind on property taxes temporarily, I know a handful of people at my company who were eventually evicted from their homes because they couldn’t pay […]

  • There are unique uses for various kinds of rebar tie wire

    I wanted to be a visual artist so much that I was in the art program in my university for two years before I switched my major to economics. I love sculpting, especially with unique mediums like cardboard and plastic waste. Before leaving the art program, I managed to submit a piece that won me […]

  • The ocean bridges have to use corrosion resistant rebar

    I moved to the coast when I left my hometown to attend undergraduate school. While I was accepted by a handful of different schools, the thought of being so close to the beach during college seemed extremely alluring to me. And since it’s a small liberal arts school with a low student to teacher ratio, […]