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  • My employer is behind on projects because of the disruption in supply lines on rebar

    During the pandemic I briefly lost my job and was dealing with an extraordinary amount of economic and financial uncertainty. While I luckily own my house outright and merely got behind on property taxes temporarily, I know a handful of people at my company who were eventually evicted from their homes because they couldn’t pay […]

  • There are unique uses for various kinds of rebar tie wire

    I wanted to be a visual artist so much that I was in the art program in my university for two years before I switched my major to economics. I love sculpting, especially with unique mediums like cardboard and plastic waste. Before leaving the art program, I managed to submit a piece that won me […]

  • The ocean bridges have to use corrosion resistant rebar

    I moved to the coast when I left my hometown to attend undergraduate school. While I was accepted by a handful of different schools, the thought of being so close to the beach during college seemed extremely alluring to me. And since it’s a small liberal arts school with a low student to teacher ratio, […]

  • After staying out late, I could barely remember anything

    My wifey plus I have been fighting a lot lately, because she thinks that I have a drinking problem. I have been spending a lot of time with my friends. Every one of us drink a couple of beers when both of us celebration plus I actually don’t guess there is anything wrong with that. […]