Buying a home outside of Jacksonville

My husband and I both grew up, got married and raised our family in the northeastern part of the country.

Once our three kids graduated from college, they all moved to Florida.

They settled into Jacksonville. My husband and I were unwilling to remain up north and suffer through the long, cold and snowy winters. We missed our kids. We started searching for available Jacksonville real estate for sale. Our three children are all extremely successful in their chosen fields. They each purchased larger and newer properties with water access. My oldest son bought a house directly on the St. Johns river. My husband and I were planning to keep our house in the north and stay there for about half the year. We couldn’t afford anything in the same neighborhood as our kids. We searched listings and toured a wide variety of homes for sale. Every property within our price range had severe problems. One smelled badly of animal urine and another had a huge sinkhole in the backyard. Most included roofs that were too old to qualify for insurance. They all featured extremely outdated kitchens and bathrooms. We didn’t want to buy a property and immediately needed to invest into new appliances and major renovations. We doubt these homes would pass a four-point inspection. We gradually broadened our search to more rural communities outside of Jacksonville. The city is huge, so this led us a considerable distance from our kids. We ended up buying a house in Keystone Heights, which is approximately an hour’s drive.

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