A solid monument in my city

We have this huge office building in our city that has been here for almost 100 years! I am not kidding on that.

  • It has become a local monument in the city.

Even if someday there is no business of any kind going on in there, the building will remain as a monument. The story has it how this building lasted almost 100 years with no wear and tear on the outside is because it had great rebar tie wire involved in its construction. Having really strong and well made rebar tie wire is the secret to having a solid building that could last several lifetimes and maybe even forever! I didn’t know this about the rebar wire tie until I was reading the store of this building about to turn 100 next week. It was mentioned in the article that the strong rebar tie wire they had back in those days played a big part in it still being solid and secure on the outside. That rebar wire tie must have been some kinda magic if you ask me! Rebar wire tie that lasts 100 years says a lot for the manufacturer that made it. I didn’t even know back in those days that they had the skill and ability to make such strong rebar tie wire! It just goes to show you that rebar tie wire is truly the foundation of any building whether you realize it or not. I didn’t even think about rebar tie wire in a building this old. But evidently the rebar tie wire was there back then and has been around for centuries!

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