The cost per 5000 went down over the weekend

I ship a lot of items in my business and I use a lot of stainless steel wire to bundle the items before they are shipped. I buy tie wire and double loop wire ties by the thousands. It’s important to me to buy products that are made here in the usa. There are only a couple of places around the country that sell wire ties and tie wire and very few of them sell American Made products. I recently decided to switch to a different company for all of my tie wire and double loop ties. I was really happy with their prices and I spoke with one of the salesmen about the prices. I got information and price sheets on Friday in my email. I planned on placing an order on monday. I was going to buy at least 15,000 9-in type 304 16 gauge stainless steel double loop wire ties. The price on Friday was $811 for $5,000. When I looked at the price on monday, the price was only $795. The price on the double loop wire ties went down in just a couple of days. I emailed the salesman to confirm the prices online or the same price as that I was paying and he confirmed that they were. He also told me that I was going to save even more money if I ordered that much quantity at one time. The company was prepared to offer me an additional 5% discount for every order over $5,000. After I heard that, I looked for other supplies that we might be able to use.

Galvanized Double loop rebar ties