I got 8 spools for the price of 6

304 stainless steel has great resistance to the environment and corrosion.

It is not quite as strong as 316 stainless steel and it will corrode in the water.

If you are looking for a stainless steel product that will work in underwater applications, 316 stainless steel is the product for you. I own a boat and I handle shipping across the sea. All of our products are secured using stainless steel rebar tie wire. We use the 316 stainless steel rebar tie wire so it doesn’t corrode on the boat. There is often salt in the air and there is always salt in the water. Anytime there is a swell or rain, water gets on the boat and all over the materials that I am shipping. The 316 stainless steel is weather resistant, anti-russ, and unmatched in durability and flexibility. I purchased several coils of 16 gauge rebar tie wire. I decided to go with the USA quality. I bought a 50 lb coil at a reasonable price. In fact, the 50 pound coil of 16 gauge rebar tie wire was priced so well that I got eight for the price that I would normally pay for six. I also picked up some double loop wire ties. The double loop ties are perfect for securing the tie wire and they are easy to manipulate and work with. After seeing the prices on the american made steel products, I’m really excited about this new company. I hope the shipping process is as smooth and painless as the order and transaction process.

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