After staying out late, I could barely remember anything

My wifey plus I have been fighting a lot lately, because she thinks that I have a drinking problem.

I have been spending a lot of time with my friends.

Every one of us drink a couple of beers when both of us celebration plus I actually don’t guess there is anything wrong with that. I work actually hard while in the day plus I never supply her a hard time about the things that she does when she is with her friends. Every one of us had a huge argument on Monday, because she wanted myself and others to stay beach lake house with her. I wanted to hang out with my friends plus go to the Monday night game which was being played at a sports bar close to the apartment. After my wifey plus I argued, I decided to go to the bar. The game ran late plus I was drinking the entire time that the game was on. When I finally got home, I argued with my wifey a little bit longer plus then both of us finally crashed plus passed out around 3:00 in the day. I was still weary plus a little bit drunk when I woke up the next day. I had to place a actually big order for the next construction project that the company was toiling on. Every one of us were hired to build some structures at the county park plus I was in charge of ordering all of the rebar plus rebar tie wire. After staying out late plus drinking, I couldn’t remember any of the rebar plus rebar tie wire supplies that I was supposed to order. Thank goodness I wrote down all of the particular sizes of rebar plus rebar tie wire that I needed on a memo pad the previous day.

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