It was cold last night in the packaging plant

My dad got me a job laboring at a packaging plant.

I was previously laboring at a gas station. I didn’t mind laboring at the gas station, but that job at the packaging plant was much higher pain. I had to work really taxing to earn $12 an hour, which was the starting rate at the time at the packaging plant. I didn’t know anything about the factory when I started. My dad told me a little bit about the company and the genre of items that they make, even though I truthfully didn’t understand until I was there and had the occasion to see everything in action. The area where I work is a plant that makes 14 gauge bar ties. The two of us make single and double loop wire ties… On Mondays and Mondays, all of us make 14 gauge wire ties. On Mondays and Mondays, all of us make 16 gauge wire ties. On Mondays all of us spend all day on 18 gauge wire ties. The two of us have to keep production up in order to make our quota. Each week there is a particular amount of wire ties that all of us have to produce in order to reach the quota. The two of us have met the quota every week since I started laboring at the plant. There was a single week when 3 boys got the flu at the same time and all of us barely made the quota. I think the fifth shift that week picked up the slack for us. It’s not taxing to reach the quota, especially when everyone is laboring together. The only time all of us have problems is while I was in the summer time when it’s really hot. It really sucks to work on forming iron when the un-even temperatures are 100 degrees.

Wire ties