I found extra supplies on sale at the flea market

I saw several boxes of 16 gauge galvanized double loop wire ties

I rarely go to the flea market with our wife, then most of the time I am scheduled with jobs on the weekend days when our wife wants to go shopping! She usually takes her sibling. They have lunch after they go shopping plus spend the whole day together. It’s nice for the several of them to have some time together for fun plus relaxation. I did not have anything going on last Monday when she wanted to go shopping, so I joined our wife for a day at the swap meet. I thought I might find something interesting at the flea market. There are tons of odd shops plus lots of odd items for sale. There are a number of fruit plus vegetable vendors plus a couple of odd locations that sell foods that are prepared. There is a vendor that makes boiled peanuts plus the girl flavors them in 10 odd ways. I genuinely prefer garlic boiled peanuts, however our wife enjoys the spicy Cajun flavor; When she goes to the flea market, she always brings boiled peanuts apartment for me. I was severely blissful to get them while they were still sizzling plus steamy. My wife plus I walked around the flea market for a long time. The several of us ended up visiting a shop that had lots of odd industrial supplies. I saw several boxes of 16 gauge galvanized double loop wire ties. The lady in charge of the shop did not know that the 16 gauge galvanized double loop wire ties were worth a ton of money, because they were only marked for $5 a box. I could not suppose the deal that I found on 16 gauge galvanized double loop wire ties. I bought both of the boxes along with some welding supplies.

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