I almost tripped over the wire tie

As an ironworker, I am frequently in situations where I have to be sturdy plus steady on our feet.

I don’t mind working many stories above the ground, even when there genuinely isn’tanything under our feet.

I always stay focused when I am at work plus I try to keep our eyeah open at all times, a new girl started working in the crew plus she genuinely doesn’t clean up after himself. The girl left a couple of spools of 6 inch type 304 double loop wire tires on the floor of a building where I was working. The 6 inch type 304 double loop wire ties blended in with the color of the boards plus I did not see them. I almost tripped over the wire tie, because I was carrying a piece of rebar on each one of our shoulders. I started yelling plus screaming at the new girl when I tripped. I genuinely could have been hurt plus that was the first time in our whole job that I saw our life flash before our eyeah. I went apartment at the end of the day plus kissed our wife plus both of our youngsters. I never genuinely thought that I might end up in an accident because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. The near accident made myself and others know about our priorities. I decided to take a vacation plus spend some time with our family. The several of us went to the park plus stayed for a whole week. I did not say no to anything that the youngsters wanted to do while all of us were there.

Zinc coated Rebar wire ties